Parents practise tricks at home with their child and can also polish their own skills by joining the evidence-based Box Set series run by trained school facilitators.

What have Ofsted said about our Box Set programmes?

“Making a real difference to the lives of local families.”

What do parents say?

“The breathing exercises are helping me and my daughter to feel calmer.”

“I’m using the Magic Garden technique to help my son sleep.”

“I have learnt to take a step back and breathe before dealing with a situation and I’ve noticed my children are doing the same.”

“I’m managing my child’s behaviour better and she is now able to say an assertive ‘no’ to her friends.”

“I communicate better and this has improved my relationships.”

“I have seen many positive changes since starting these courses, more confident and setting new exciting goals.”

Facilitator training

Our 4-day training allows 2 school staff members to facilitate the 4-part programmes for staff as well as for parents, allowing everyone a chance to polish their own skills creating a positive, mentally wealthy environment for all.