Teachers use the simple, step by step instructions from their Trick Box folders to present 15-minute tricks to children at Key stage 1-2 alongside the child-friendly Letter Box coaching model.

The evidence-based tricks help children in key stages 1 and 2 to;

  • Recognize and self-manage emotions
  • Develop mindful awareness and mind-body connection
  • Build awareness and choices around body language signals
  • Create confident decision making
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Develop communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Problem solve and create solution thinking
  • Create intrinsic motivation and the confidence to try new things in new ways
  • Create long term personal autonomy and resilience

The tricks are designed to be practised regularly in response to daily challenges to build a foundation of personal Happy Life Habits.

Everybody has their favourite trick or two!

Fin – Year 6

“The ‘Big Yes’ trick helps me to do new things. It gives me the confidence to have a go.”

Sophie – Year 5

“The ‘Big Voice’ trick gives me the confidence to know ‘I can do it’ when I’m singing in the choir.”

Edward – Year 4

“I use the ‘Stand Tall’ trick to help me do difficult things.”

Rebecca – Year 4

“The ‘Light Bulb’ trick helps me to think of the answers not the problem and the ‘Stand as if’ trick helps me to face my fears”

Holly – Year 3

“I used the ‘Win-Win’ trick to help my friends sort out an argument.”

Children can also become mentors or take on other Trick Box team roles at school

The Trick Box Team programme is designed to help individual children to develop a range of task and people-based skills to benefit the whole community. Our step by step manual has everything you need to train your mentors and create key roles for children in your school.

  • Confident -
  • thinking
  • body-language
  • self-beliefs
  • actions
  • Mindful -
  • emotional management
  • relaxation
  • solution thinking
  • Positive -
  • communication
  • choices
  • behaviour
  • Creative -
  • mindset
  • interests
  • opportunities