Trick Box Kids Working

Building Happy Life Habits

Trick Box Learning

Early Years ages 2-4,
Nursery + Pre-School

School ages 4-11 Primary

Trickbox Inbox

Inbox programme for Secondary ages 11-18
(+Middle Ages 9-11)



Trick Box is a simple, fun and effective whole school, whole journey, emotional management and personal development programme, supporting children and young people in Early Years, key stages 1-5 and their families.

Evidence based and developing mental wellbeing in line with DFE guidelines, Trick Box programmes develop positive life habits to help deal with challenges in the here and now as well as building a repertoire of personal skills for the future.

Parent Teacher Child Triangle
  • Confident
  • thinking
  • body-language
  • self-beliefs
  • actions
  • Mindful
  • emotional management
  • relaxation
  • solution thinking
  • Positive
  • communication
  • choices
  • behaviour
  • Creative
  • mindset
  • interests
  • opportunities