Magic Minutes

Magic Minutes

Add a little extra magic to your Teacher’s Trick Box folder.

Help build habits designed to maximise personal happiness and wellbeing as well as enhance learning and performance, just by maximising a few minutes here and there.

Use the strategies on the A5 teacher cards (suitable for all year groups) with the whole class or individuals to get the best from them and help them to get the best from themselves. Designed to motivate positive learning states in the here and now and provide focused time to develop specific strategies to increase happiness and wellbeing.

Moving Minutes: Exercises designed to give the brain a break by doing something physical. 

Mellow Minutes: Activities to create calm and help re-focus the mind.

Mindset Minutes: Strategies to stimulate peak individual learning zones and develop metacognitive strategies.

Memory Minutes: Strategies to develop positive memories and increase personal happiness.

Mighty Minutes: Ideas to motivate group wellbeing by doing a little something for others as part of a whole school team. (Link this to your Team Programme.)

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Stickman on Laptop

All the instructions for this resource are provided but if you’d like to explore further we offer additional training.