Upper, Secondary & 6th Form Overview

Building happy life habits and managing the tricky bits

The Inbox programme for Upper, Secondary and 6th Form 11-18 years
This flexible, inclusive programme introduces habit-based tricks and self-coaching models with strategies linked to the specific needs of young people at their stage of life.

The programme promotes self-awareness, recognising uniqueness and the need to select tricks which develop strategies suited to the individual. Staff and parents/carers can also benefit from the tricks to promote a positive whole school approach.


KS3-5 programme

Trick Box - Inbox Habit Cards
Weekly on-screen year group habit-building personal development tricks and strategies.
Journals to log progress and build self-awareness.
Habit-stimulating posters linked to the key tricks.

Enhance the Inbox programme

The Inbox support programme for 1-1 or small groups helps undo limiting habits and create positive new ones encouraging independence. Strategies linked to the Inbox programme.

Inbox Mentor Programme

The Inbox mentor programme develops task and people-based skills by creating a wide range of contribution opportunities where young people recognise their individual skills and strengths and choose to mentor others, contributing to the whole school community. Lesson plans included.

Tip Box Facilitator Training
Linked to the Inbox programme in school, The Tip Box workshops offers parents/carers tips and strategies to help support their child as they forge new pathways as part of their development. Parents/carers can also choose to develop their own skills to support themselves though the journey.
Additional Training
Trick Box school staff can train to be Tip Box facilitators in school to benefit the whole family with positive results seen at home and in school.