What’s being said?

Trick Box is an inspirational programme. It involves children, families and school. It is easy for teachers to teach as it is so well planned. Children love it and use it every day.

Trick Box provides tools for building resilience, growing self-awareness and facing challenges with confidence.

Making a real difference to the lives of local families.

Trick Box enables children to flourish in the ‘here and now’ and embrace life’s challenges. We’ve noticed children and families being proactive in managing wellbeing through their use of Trick Box.

Trick Box is the ‘Missing Link’, helping children to develop positive strategies to deal with everyday challenges. I’m a huge fan. It’s really good to see parents on-board so strongly.

Comments from parents

I am so pleased that my child's school is using Trick Box to help embed strategies for promoting wellbeing and confidence from a very early age

With so much negative media about mental health, it is great that this positive and fun approach to encourage mental wellbeing is available for our children