Infants, Juniors, First and Primary

Building happy life habits and managing the tricky bits

Trick Box outcomes are built around the personal habits that can help us all to take up positive life opportunities and thrive. Trick Box strategies empower children to build their personal strengths whilst managing the tricky bits in the here and now, building positive, personal habits for the future.

Trick Box is an evidence-based, whole school programme which helps to develop a full range of positive personal habits in 4 key areas:

Primary School Children
Trick Box - First & Primary

Throughout their journey, children at EYFS2 and KS1-2 develop self-coaching skills and use tricks from their Trick Box to help them navigate through life.

Teachers use the tricks in class and parents are able to practise these with their children at home. Tricks can be taught in 10-15 mins during class time or in assemblies.

There’s a simple timetable for each year group which builds on the tricks from the previous year. The strength of the programme is in the daily practise of tricks in response to challenges arising in the here and now.

Watch the video to learn more about how the programme works.

“Trick Box is an inspirational programme. It involves children, families and school. It is easy for teachers to teach as it is so well planned. Children love it and use it every day.”

The Trick Box programme supports well being, by not only giving children strategies they can apply in and out of school but also by providing support for parents and carers that they can use in the home. It is this whole child approach that is so powerful.”

Watch the video to find out what Primary children have to say about Trick Box tricks

“With so much negative media about mental health, it is great that this positive and fun approach to encourage mental wellbeing is available for our children.”

Children Smiling with Books

Children in EYFS2 and throughout KS1 are introduced to Trick Box through the Drew programme included in the main school programme for Infants, First and Primary schools. (The Drew book series can also be used at KS2.)

Happy Habits Assemblies and Log

Our bite-size Happy Habits Assemblies are included in our main school programme alongside our Happy Habits Log.

Happy Habits Assemblies Pie
Happy Habits Assemblies Log

Enhance your main school programme

We also have some extras to enhance your main school programme.

You can buy these separately as an add-on to your main school programme or as part of a bundle with free children’s Trick Box card packs included.

Trick Box Habit Wheel

The Habit Wheel 1-1 support programme helps to undo limiting habits and create positive new ones.

Magic Minutes

The Magic Minutes classroom sets, with strategies to increase happiness, optimism and wellbeing as well as enhance learning and performance.


The Team and mentor programme to help develop individual task and people-based skills using the tricks as part of a contribution to the whole school community.

The Box Set workshops

The Box Set workshops are designed to help parents/carers to support their child at home with the option to develop their own skills. Links to the children’s main school programme.

Parent Box Set Books
Additional Training

Staff Box Set facilitator training. A great way to work with families and see positive results for everyone at school and at home.

Our school programme resources include easy-use manuals, step-by-step activity instructions and staff training Power Points. You have everything you need but if you’d like a little extra, we also provide additional zoom or live training.




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