Box Set Training

Train to be a Box Set facilitator and lead workshops for parents/carers in your school.

Life can be challenging whether you’re a child, school staff or family member. These individual challenges alongside their responses can impact on the whole. Leading the Box Set workshops is a rewarding way to get to know and support your families with positive results at school and at home.

Parents/carers can attend to further support their child or choose to develop their own skills through simple, effective evidence-based strategies and Top Tips.

Our 2-day intensive training allows 2 school staff members to facilitate the 4-part Box Set programme (3 weeks for each workshop module).

(This opportunity is not available to freelance individuals.)

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Box Set Training

We all need a few tricks up our sleeve

These workshops can also be used for staff development, creating a positive, mentally wealthy environment for all.

Staff Inset: Personal development

“Our Trick Box trained staff led an inset day using the ‘Stress Packed Off’ workshop from the Box Set. Staff really appreciated the time and space to discuss and unpick their stress triggers and the impact it has on them and their colleagues. I can really see this having such a positive impact for our whole school community.”

Trick Box Top Ups

Trick Box schools also offer staff wellbeing Top Ups to keep everyone, happy, well and productive whilst doing an amazing job!