Creating Happy Early Habits

The Doodle programme helps young children ages 2-4 to develop emotional management skills and key happy life habits related to the 4 Trick Box themes:


Trick Box Learning

Supported by parents at home, young children develop a wide range of personal habits and skills through 4 interactive, rhyming stories and related activities around Doodle the dog, helping them to deal with challenges in the here and now as well as building positive life habits for the future.

Early Years 1 - Doodle Programme

Alongside a cuddly Doodle toy and the 4 stories, there’s a fun and engaging, year round book related activity folder with a simple step by step guide for practitioners, a resource manual with extension activities, display materials and information posters for parents. There’s also a Trick Box card pack for parents to continue to develop the same skills with their children at home.

This is a standalone programme but also provides a foundation for the Trick Box programme in schools.

 “A simple programme to pick up and use which ties in well with our emotional and behaviour policy. The children love it! It brings children, parents and practitioners together, making a positive impact on nursery and home life.”

Nursery Manager of the Year 2019/20
(NMT Awards) Alex Jones at Kindred Nursery Bournemouth

“Emotionally empowering! The Doodle programme has helped us to give children a means to express their feelings and emotions. It has helped with their emotional literacy and enabled them to communicate and express their emotions in a positive way.”

Dean Park Nursery Manager Kelly Yates