Parents / Carers

All parents/carers of Primary aged children are able to join the evidence based Box Set workshops led by Trick Box trained school staff. Parents learn more about how to develop their child’s personal skills whilst boosting their own to benefit the whole family

The Box Set programme links to the children’s tricks and self-coaching models allowing parents/carers to support children at home around the key Trick Box themes of Confidence, Calm, Communication and Creativity. Parents/carers can join the workshops just to support their child or also choose to brush up on their own skills to benefit the whole family.

Confidence Unpacked
Stress Packed Off
Assertiveness Wrapped Up
Goals Unlocked

Parent / Carer Comments

“The breathing exercises are helping me and my daughter to feel calmer.”

“I’m managing my child’s behaviour better and she’s more confident with her friends.”

“I have learnt to take a step back and breathe before dealing with a situation and I’ve noticed my children are doing the same.”


“I communicate better and this has improved relationships all round.”

“I have seen many positive changes in me since starting these courses, more confident and setting new exciting life goals.”

“Trick Box enables children to flourish in the ‘here and now’ and embrace life’s challenges. We’ve noticed children and families being proactive in managing wellbeing through their use of Trick Box.”

St Luke’s C of E Primary Head Mark Saxby Bournemouth

What have Ofsted said about our adult Box Set programmes?

“Making a real difference to the lives of local families”

“Reducing feelings of social isolation and low self-esteem”

“Learners acquire greater awareness of how to manage their health and well-being and cope with the difficulties they face.”