Infants, Juniors, First and Primary Overview

Building happy life habits and managing the tricky bits

The Trick Box programme for Infant, Junior, First + Primary Schools 4-11 years
An evidence-based, inclusive whole school approach which helps to develop a full range of empowering personal habits and skills to help children navigate challenges and change getting the best from themselves, others, school life and the wider world. The programme provides opportunities for staff and parents/carers to brush up on their own skills so everyone is on the same page.

Parent Teacher Child Triangle

The Reception programme comes as part of the Infants, First and Primary programme.

Reception Programme

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Primary School Programme

Enhance your main Trick Box programme

Trick Box Habit Wheel

The Habit Wheel 1-1 support programme helps to undo limiting habits and create positive new ones.

Magic Minutes

Magic Minutes designed to maximise personal happiness, optimism, wellbeing and contribution as well as enhance learning and performance.

Trick Box Team programme including mentor programme – builds team skills and contribution to benefit whole school community.

Team Programme

The Box Set workshops

The Box Set workshops are designed to help parents/carers to support their child at home with the option to develop their own skills. Links to the children’s main school programme.

Parent Box Set Books
Additional Training

Staff Box Set facilitator training. A great way to work with families and see positive results for everyone at school and at home.