Bringing Positive Wellbeing to Pupils

Building happy life habits and managing the tricky bits

What is Trick Box?

Trick Box (4-11 yrs) is an evidence-based, whole school programme which helps to develop a full range of empowering personal habits in 4 key areas:


How does Trick Box help children, staff and families?

Parent Teacher Child Triangle

Trick Box transforms lives by giving children the knowledge and skills to effectively manage life’s everyday challenges whilst building a bank of positive life habits for the future.

Trick Box strategies help children to get the best from themselves, others, school life and the wider world. The programme also provides opportunities for staff and parents/carers to brush up on their own skills so that everyone’s on the same page.

What are the Trick Box resources and how do we know they work?

Trick Box resources are fun, effective, visually appealing and easy to use!

Our programmes are evidenced-based with over 1,000 children and 200 parents/carers, documenting an increase in individual self-awareness, resilience and autonomy. Staff evaluated Trick Box as improving general wellbeing by 80%, behaviour by 67% and interpersonal skills by 76%.

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