Box Set + Tip Box Training

Train to be Box Set and Tip Box facilitators and lead workshops for parents/carers of young people in your school to benefit the whole family.

These parent/carer workshops link to the Trick Box KS2 and Inbox KS3 tricks and strategies. This is a great way to work with families and see positive results for everyone at school and at home.

For good practice, staff support and to meet our training standards and agreements there needs to be two Trick Box facilitators on your staff team. For Middle Schools it is possible to have one staff member as a facilitator for the Box Set and the other for the Tip Box workshops, or take advantage of our 3 staff training option, bearing in mind staff turnover and continuity for parents/carers.

Further facilitators can be trained at a much-reduced rate.

(This opportunity is not available to freelance individuals.)

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Box Set Training
Tip Box Facilitator Training

Trick Box Top Ups

Trick Box schools also offer staff wellbeing Top Ups to keep everyone, happy, well and productive whilst doing an amazing job!