Creating Happy Early Habits

The Drew programme is mapped to key Early Learning Goals, children aged 4-5, meet Drew and are introduced to the foundation tricks of the programme, which are built on throughout Key stages 1 and 2.

Early Years ages 4-5
EYFS 2 - Drew Programme

Through 4 rhyming, interactive books and fun activities children learn to recognise and manage emotions as well as begin to use the little ‘tricks’ we all need to manage everyday challenges.

The Drew programme helps children to talk about their emotions as well as develop key personal skills in our 4 Trick Box areas (Confidence, Calm, Communication and Creativity).



“I am so pleased that my child’s school is using Trick Box to help embed strategies for promoting wellbeing and confidence from a very early age.”

Parent Comment

“Trick Box provides tools for building resilience, growing self-awareness and facing challenges with confidence.”

Peter Herbert Moordown St John’s C of E Primary Bournemouth

“Trick Box is the ‘Missing Link’, helping children to develop positive strategies to deal with everyday challenges. I’m a huge fan. It’s really good to see parents on-board so strongly.”

Declan Goodwin, Head Teacher – Corpus Christi Catholic Primary Boscombe