Junior School Programme

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Receive x40 children’s card packs you select the complete bundle (Habit Wheel + Magic Minutes + Team Mentor Programme)

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The Trick Box programme is built around your specific school needs. Select your school package and add on the bits that you need.

The Junior School Programme which also builds on the Infant programme.


  • Manual with aims, background and procedure, year group timetables, display posters, information for parents and Trick Trackers to assess progress.
  • Year group folders with visual tricks and simple step by step guide.
  • A folder with all the tricks for the support team.
  • Teachers’ Trick Box card sets and Letter Box coaching model lanyard cards.
  • PDF staff training power point.

New from Trick Box!

The Habit Wheel Support programme

Add to your support folder and use alongside the Letter Box coaching model and year group tricks.

This Trick Box strategy aids Support staff in helping individual children to break limiting habits and create positive new ones.


  • A5 Habit Wheel card pack
  • Visual aids, aims and simple step by step guide
  • Wheel spinner

Add Magic Minutes to your schools programme

Add a little extra magic to your Trick Box tricks to increase happiness and wellbeing whilst enhancing learning and performance.


  • A5 Magic Minutes card sets
  • Aims and step by step procedure
  • Tiered strategies and activities

Team and Mentor Programme


  • Manual with opportunities for children to develop task and people-based skills and enhance wellbeing
  • Mentor programme: Step by step guide to train your mentors using the mentor card packs.
  • Set of x10 Mentor card box sets in clear boxes with Trick Box tricks and mentor cards + ID badges

X10 Additional Mentor card packs sets and ID badges £50