Middle School Programme Years 7-8

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Get reduced bundle prices on the Inbox Support programme and Inbox Peer Mentor Programme.

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The Middle School Programme for Years 7-8


  • Inbox guide: ‘How to’ manual including aims/background/timetable
  • Inbox year group programmes: Leader guides/self-coaching model/habit-building tricks/progress trackers/student reference sheets
  • Inbox student mixed trick and themed journals
  • Habit motivating Inbox posters
  • Introductory parent power point information
  • Staff training power point

Complete the bundle with the:

Inbox support programme

Add to your main Inbox programme by offering additional support to individuals or small groups.


  • Simplified and broken down resources around the self-coaching model/s within the main Inbox programme and focus on tricks around individual needs.
  • Focus on the cycle around ingrained habits limiting beliefs and behaviour to create new motivating personal habits.
  • Step by step guide and instructions for use.

Inbox peer mentor programme


  • Introductory manual.
  • Step by step lesson plans to train skills and support based mentors.
  • Lesson plan resources for mentors to explore safe-guarding, others needs, own skills and develop key mentor strategies.